Dr. David Palmer, Dr. Robert DeRice

We are retiring!

Greetings, and thank you for having trusted me to provide your oral health care.

Many of you have been told, at your last visit to my office, that Linda and I are retiring. It's true -- and it's time. As of 1 June 2013, or June 1st, 2013 for you civilians, I will cease the practice of dentistry here in Maine.

We are moving to be closer to our grandchildren, while we are still young enough to thoroughly enjoy playing with them. But, Linda and I have not forgotten about you!

Hopefully, you will be delighted at what I have prepared for you. I have transferred your dental record, including all xray images, to a dental school friend I've known over 30 years. Many of you have seen the gold crown he did for me when we both were dental students. That crown has lasted over three times the national average, and still is strong. This doctor is the one who has been covering for me when I went away to visit family or whatever, for the last ten years. Although I went to dental school after several years in the Air Force, this doctor went directly after undergraduate college, so he is considerably younger than I am.

Allow me to introduce my friend, Dr. Robert DeRice, a graduate of Cheverus, Bowdoin, and my dental school, Tufts.

Now, here is the absolutely delightful part: Deedee will be working with him.

That means you can continue to have Deedee's skilled hands do your dental cleanings. You and I (and Dr. DeRice!) know her skills are world-class, and her caring is over the top!! She's the best I have ever seen!

Dr. DeRice, at Portland North Dental Asdiciates, 9 Sanborn Street, Portland, is a dedicated healthcare provider, who, I'm certain will serve your dental needs with exemplary technical skill and personal attention. You will find a map to his North Deering office, attached. He's across the street from Portland's Northgate Shopping Center.

Our ten years back here, where I grew up, has been a delight. Linda, a southern girl, has tolerated too many snowstorms and I need to get her to a place with more sun. Wish us luck, as we move on. You will not need luck, as you will have Dr. DeRice, his staff, and Deedee caring for you.

With extreme gratitude,
David S. Palmer, BS, DMD, FACP, DABP
Colonel, U. S. Air Force (ret)